The <strong>7 </strong>Memorials for Humanity

The 7 Memorials for Humanity

media art 2010-2020


Text in Deutsch The 7 Memorials for Humanity Released in 2018, the 7 Memorials Project is a multi-facetted digital media art context located in the Internet – developed, created and curated by Wilfried Agricola de...
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Text in English Die 7 Mahnmale für die Menschlichkeit Das im Jahr 2018 veröffentlichte 7 Memorials Project ist ein facettenreicher digitaler Medienkunstkontext im Internet, der von Wilfried Agricola de Cologne entwickelt, kreiert und kuratiert wurde....
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Les 7 mémoriaux pour l’humanité Publié en 2018, le projet Les 7 mémoriaux pour l’humanité est un contexte artistique multimédia multi-facettes situé sur Internet – développé, créé et organisé par Wilfried Agricola de Cologne. Fondé...
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Los 7 memoriales para la humanidad Lanzado en 2018, el 7 Memorials Project es un contexto de arte de medios digitales multifacético ubicado en Internet, desarrollado, creado y curado por Wilfried Agricola de Cologne. Basado...
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The 7 Memorials for Humanity

The Refugee Memorial
Text in Deutsch The Refugee Memorial There are currently more than 60 millions of refugees on the globe, people who left their home country in order to escape war, persecution and murder, but also poverty and the lack of any...
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d/i/light Memorial
Text in Deutsch The d/i/light Memorial d/i/light is standing for – Darkness Into Light. The Memorial is based on the legendary “Shoah Film Collection“ @ The New Museum of Networked Art. 100 artists from 30 countries commemorate the Holocaust showing...
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The Cambodia 1975-1979 Memorial
Text in Deutsch Founded in 2012, The Cambodia 1975-1979 Memorial – is commemorating the genocide executed by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. In 2012, the second collection “Cambodia 1975-1979” followed -consisting primarily of documentaries – is dealing with the Cambodian...
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The Wake-Up Memorial
Text in Deutsch The Wake Up! Memorial ://self~imaging for Peace & Humanity unique in its kind by including 100 artists using divers digital artistic media, the Memorial belongs to The 7 Memorials for Humanity – a media art environment, created...
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The Hiroshima // Fukushima Memorial
Text in Deutsch The Hiroshima //Fukushima Memorial On occasion of the 70th return of the Hiroshima bombing and the5th return ofthe nucleardesaster of Fukushima – the Hiroshima // Fulushima Memorial – had been launched. 6 August 2015 – 70 Years...
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The iTERROR Memorial
Text in Deutsch The iTERROR Memorial VIST - Memorial for the Victims of Islamist Terror is representing a collaborative media art project starting on occasion of the islamist terror attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015, whereby Paris is standing...
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The Sonic Memorial
Text in Deutsch The Sonic Memorial is unique in its kind, because it uses sound as a tool for commemorating, instead of static or moving images. It is corporate pat of „The 7 Memorials for Humanity“. The Memorial is consisting...
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Recent news

NewMediaFest 2020
The 7 Memorials for Humanity will be featuring during NewMediaFest 2020 - WOWetro - 20 Years Networked Creations 1. December 2019-31 December 2020...
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open call
Deadline: 31 October 2019 Call for entries The Wake Up! Memorial will be adding in 2020 a new section dedicated to the "climate...
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21-22 May 2019 – d/i/light Memorial in Riga
WOW.23 / Latvia The New Museum of Networked Art & A Virtual Memorial Foundation are happy to present -The d/i/light Memorial featuring The...
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